In Neal Gabler’s book Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality, he claims that entertainment has the capacity to ruin society. He’s not wrong, entertainment is a very powerful force in modern culture. We are basically obsessed with it.

Entertainment is an underlying motive to many aspects of our lives. It has grown form a reward to an expectation. We demand it, crave it, need it. And when we ‘robbed’ of it, we become bitter and disillusioned. Entertainment is a drug that we, as a society, are hopelessly addicted to.

Think about it. What do you like about your favorite class? Is it the shear amount of knowledge that you’re expected to learn? Is it the accelerated pace at which you learn? The fact that it challenges you academically? Nope, nope, and most likely nope if you’re human. If you’re like everyone else, what really sets that class apart is how it is “interesting,” “enlightening” or even “entertaining.” Hmm, that word sounds awfully.

Now, think about your least favorite class. Yes, everyone has a least favorite class. Maybe, for you, this is your hardest class. More likely, it’s probably your least interesting class. Realistically, it’s probably a combination of the both of those. When that class is in session, you’re just calculating how much longer you have to endure that unjustly painful period of time. When the bell releases you, you’re probably simultaneously silently singing songs of jubilation and muttering curses against who ever invented such a cruel subject. I know, I’ve been there.

You probably wonder why anyone would decide to be a cog in the despotic machine that is the modern education system. But then you reach a shocking discovery. You go to school to learn, not have fun. It’s not your teacher’s job to entertain you, he/she has been tasked to prepare you for life in increasingly competitive world. Sorry, fun isn’t a priority.

Entertainment has evolved from a reward to an expectation. Without enough of it, some of us seriously consider dropping out school to pursue a career in Major League Gaming (guilty as charged). Education isn’t the only aspect of life entertainment has taken a hold of. Look at the news, or politics. They have to go to great lengths to capture our attention. Apparently, it’s not enough to know what’s going on in the world.

Procrastination among teenagers is at an all-time high (I’m evidence supporting this). The average attention span is also cataclysmically low (I’m also evidence supporting this). The odds are, you probably spaced out at least once while reading this post, and it’s not even that long.

Neal Gabler wasn’t wrong book Life the Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality. Entertainment does have the potential to ruin society. If you look around, you can see that it has already wreaked a substantial amount of damage. But, we aren’t ruined yet. Entertainment is like heroin, and we’re all hooked. We use it to escape the stresses of life, sometimes too often. Some have the mental fortitude cut back and control their consumption. However, the rest of us are so used to it, we couldn’t possibly overdose.

Entertainment is addictive

-Someone who knew their stuff.


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