Whew, it’s been quite a year. AP Lang has stretched me in ways I never thought possible. Nearly a year ago, I decided to take this class because I wanted to improve a s a writer. Looking back on some of my earlier writing, it’s painfully clear that I have done exactly that.

I still remember the fear and anxiety I felt as I mentally prepared to write the first few timed writes. I also remember the disappointment I felt when I didn’t perform as well as I hoped. But most of all, I remember the sense of pure joy when I improved.

The road was long, and not without its challenges. There were times when writing seemed like a futile exercise. Times when it seemed like I was trying to climb up a downward moving escalator. But every once in a while, I would surprise myself. I’d take a leap. There would be visible signs of growth. Almost as if, just for a second, the escalator would stop, or even reverse directions. These moments strengthened my resolve, and made me eager to encounter them again.

Apart from the educational value, this class was actually pretty entertaining. Too much of high school revolves around the persuasive essay. We write a prolific amount of essays, mainly on subjects we really don’t care about. I understand that that’s just what life is like, but that system doesn’t nurture a love for literature. And that’s how this class differed from others. It challenged us academically while still reaching that end. One way this was achieved was through blog posts, like this. They allowed me to periodically rediscover the joys of writing.

Now, dear reader, this is most likely good bye. I’d like to lie to you and say that I’ll keep this blog going, but that would be indecent. But who knows, maybe I’ll surprise you. It’s been long ride, full of highs and lows. There were some rough patches, but also some smooth ones. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, and I sincerely apologize for any emotional pain that you’ve suffered at my hands However, I will be not liable for any long-term mental illness you suffered as a result.

I’m out.


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  1. What a perfect conclusion to a great blog. =)

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