Here are some metaphors to describe, Saul Williams, the poet/musician I chose.

  1. Saul Williams is a howling wolf. He’s cry pierces through the night, inspiring some, scaring others away. His work can often times contain profanity. He also isn’t afraid to express his strong stances on things views
  2. He is an African Protea Leucospermum because he is bright, loud and colorful, but not too many people have heard about him.
  3. If Saul William’s was an article of clothing he’d be a scarf. Often times, he is viewed as an accessory; he isn’t one of the major names in American poetry. However, when one takes the time to “put him on”, they discover how truly wonderful he is.
  4. Saul Williams is definitely a Monday. He can be loud and in your face. At the same he can be cryptic and thought provoking—even up to the point of being frustrating.
  5. Saul Williams is like a good bowl of kimchi. His bold outspoken nature is not suited to everyone’s taste buds.
  6. He is blue because of his political views. In a number of his works, he reveals his far left alignment.
  7. If he was a shape, he’d be an irregular pentagon. The number of his sides show is great intellect (for those of you who’ve read flatland), but his irregularity shows that he isn’t one to conform to the norms of society.
  8. He is like the smell of a gas station. He is very strong and distinctive. Some people (i.e. me) like it, others not so much
  9. He is like a half built skyscraper. His influence reaches far above the average, but his still has a distance to go before he reaches his goal, the stars.
  10. He is the word passionate. He has very strong beliefs in certain areas, and he conveys them in a fairly passionate manor.
  11. If he was an instrument, he’d be a trombone. He can have a soft beautiful sound. But when he wants to, he can make an edgy, powerful, noise.
  12. He is spring. He can be bright and color full. But when he’s dark and gloomy, it’s because he’s trying to help the world grow. He’s watering humanity with the rain of activism.
  13. If Saul William’s was an appliance/machine he’d be a radio. Like a radio, he has “channels” where he is trying to be entraining. Also like a radio, he has stations that convey his political views.
  14. He is a thunderstorm. His work is loud and menacing, but at the same time powerful and beautiful.
  15. Saul William’s is Tobias Eaton in Divergent because he isn’t afraid to be different. When referring to his music, he doesn’t want it to fall under any particular genre.

Politics, fused with art is the closest I ever felt to any sort of revolutionary zeal. Art that serves a function, versus art for arts’ sake

Saul Williams

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