Dogs vs Cats

I was instructed to take a stance on an issue that I passionate about. Also, I am supposed to convince you to care as well. Luckily, I’m choosing a very serious topic. Dogs make better pets than cats. Now, granted that I’ve never had either as a pet, you might be a little skeptic of my authority on this matter. But I’ll have you know that I have spent enough time around both of these creatures come up with a reasonable conjecture. In other words, I’m right.

Dog’s aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing. Since their domestication, They have been quite useful. From shepherding and hunting to police work and security, dogs have always been there for us. Dogs can be trained to do almost anything.

There are many perks to owning a dog. They make us laugh and smile. They literally save lives. They force us to exercise because of their need to be walked. They even help us befriend random people who want to pet them.

Cats on the other hand, aren’t half as productive. Cats embody some of the most undesirable human qualities. They are lazy and viciously anti-social. They sit around all day. They sleep, eat, defecate, and maybe meow for a while. If they are feeling especially productive they’ll come and snuggle with you. And don’t get me started on their social habits. When visiting a friend who has a cat, you may spend hours without as much as glimpse of the cat. In the rare occasions when you see the cat, petting it will be a challenge. It will avoid you at all costs. Some of the costs may include biting you. I have seen this happen to several people who are self-proclaimed “cat people”.

Dogs on the other hand possess many culturally acclaimed traits. First of all, they are quite friendly. You can never visit a friend who as a dog without being thoroughly welcomed by the dog. Dogs are also viciously loyal. Their love is unconditional. How many stories are there of Dog’s going to their owners graves or risking their lives for their owners? Now how many stories are there of cats doing the same? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

If you like cat’s better, that’s okay. You don’t need to send me hateful messages or write something nasty in the comment section. Just know that Dogs are awesome. They are playful, loyal, and obedient. Whether or not you want to admit it or not, they are better pets than cats.

Dogs come when they’re called. Cats take a message and get back to you later.

-Mary Bly

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4 Responses to Dogs vs Cats

  1. A.Wadi says:

    Hi Enoch, I liked that the way you organized your post resulted in a very logical and easily followed flow for your topic. I found your use of specific examples of how each animal contributes to society extremely effective in backing up your points. I found your analysis of how human traits are manifested each pet a really interesting (and effective) take on how one pet is more preferable than the other (ex. “Cats embody some of the most undesirable human qualities. They are lazy and viciously anti-social. They sit around all day. They sleep, eat, defecate, and maybe meow for a while”.) Additionally, great job on making this post low-key funny 🙂
    Improvements: You failed to mention what (if any) helpful roles cats played/play in society; even though your main point is about how dogs are the better pet and you back this up with specific examples of how dogs are beneficial to society, you should provide the same for cats (i.e. therapy cats are extremely useful) in order to provide a balanced view.
    Awesome post

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  2. Enoch, I will stop myself from making an ugly comment on your disregard for cats, only because this is a really well done post. Your ideas are logical and they flow together. You keep the post light, and funny, but you still form an argument.
    One thing I would mention: Your comment, “Now, granted that I’ve never had either as a pet, you might be a little skeptic of my authority on this matter,” is a qualifying statement, but I think it acts against your argument. Some qualifying statements add authority because you are acknowledging the other side, but I don’t think this one works. Does that make sense?
    Overall well done – even though you don’t like cats. 🙂

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  3. Katie G. says:

    Enoch, I always, always enjoy your writing. Seriously. If the first paragraph of a post makes me smile, the rest is guaranteed to go well. Your humor and inclusive language create relatability for the reader; the specific examples support your argument effectively; and your perspective on the topic is fresh and unique. I must say, this post is quite convincing (sorry, Reid). My primary suggestion would be lessening your use of generalizations. Not every cat will avoid people at all costs and not every dog will be viciously loyal. Although using generalizations may seem to strengthen your argument, they alienate readers who have experienced differently than you. Also, your proofreading could still use a little work. 🙂 But overall, you were able to craft an incredibly entertaining and persuasive piece; excellent job!


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  4. Enoch, great post! I would definitely agree with you! You bring up a lot of great points, though they aren’t backed up with much evidence, though this makes it funnier. I like your sense of humor in this and your creativity. But if you really wanted to convince a cat lover, you would probably need more evidence. Other than that, great job!

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