The last last Thursday of November,

My family gets together,

Not just family, but also some friends,

Our tradition following the trends,  

Turkey, ham, pumpkin pie,

Mashed potatoes, stuffing, bread made of rye,

American football, uno, watching Charlie Brown,

Joy and jubilation all around,

Thanksgiving meal,

Eaten with great zeal,

Sitting in the setting of the sun,

Giving thanks for all that God has done,


But now the setting has changed, the tradition too,

Across the atlantic, my family flew,

Friends are different, the food will never be the same,

Even the activities were put to shame,

But it’s still Thanksgiving, however strange,

There’s plenty to be thankful for, that will never change,


A God that loves, despite my failures

Warriors beating the Cleveland Cavaliers,

For a Family that cares,

For grace and answered prayers,

For a roof over my head,

Along with a warm bed,

For legs that move and a brain that functions,

Amidst all the malfunctions,

For a place to learn,

Despite stressing me at every turn,

For the invention of video games,

Though they seem to have me in chains,

For friends that tolerate my presence,

Allowing me to strive through adolescence,


Being thankful is a choice,

We should take it and rejoice.

“I celebrated Thanksgiving the old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land.”

€”Jon Stewart


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4 Responses to Rejoice

  1. caelikean says:

    Enoch, I love that you responded to the prompt in a poem! (And a rhyming poem, nonetheless!) You make this very personal, including the Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, among other things. It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving tradition back in the States– I can only imagine how truly strange Thanksgiving would be in a completely different place with different traditions or, perhaps, the lack thereof. What you write in your poem flows nicely together, but the quote at the end throws me a little off. While it is funny, if you’re going to use a quote, you should integrate it into your writing and it should support your response’s focus. Also, there are a couple times in your poem where you present contrasting ideas, such as “For legs that move and a brain that functions, // Amidst all the malfunctions” and “For the invention of video games, // Though they seem to have me in chains” (Lines 25-26, 29-30). While I get what you’re saying here, it’s a bit contradictory and leaves me a bit confused. Other than that though, I loved the way that you took this– it’s creative and relatable and a good reminder to us all.

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  2. HMT says:

    I really liked this blog post. The line breaks and rhyming poetry are a very creative and entertaining way of choosing to write this post! I liked the simplicity of the poem and how we got to know a lot more about you and things that you care about. I liked how you contrasted the different ways you’ve celebrated Thanksgiving – here, now and while you were in the states – and instead of complaining about the huge change it must have been, you focused more on what Thanksgiving is actually supposed to be about – being thankful and community. The only thing I suggest that you should be careful about is your capitalization and punctuation. Because your post is written in poetic form, you want your punctuation and capitalization to be choices that you make in order to help you say what you’re trying to say. So maybe be a bit more mindful with that , just to make sure that you’re emphasizing things that need to be emphasized and are using the Grammar for a reason.
    Well done 🙂

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  3. sungheelim says:

    This is a great poem, Enoch. It was fun to read with all the rhyming. Also, the line breaks helped with your transitions from one place to another, and contrasting the changes that happened. I also liked how you shared more personal things like the activities you did. One improvement you could make is your punctuation. Maybe you can make the poem a few sentences, rather than having all of it be one sentence. It could have been intentional, but it did give me a rushed feeling. But other than that, the poem was truly enjoyable!

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