Old Friend

Reading Books is an old friend. I met him at a very young age. At first, I was nervous; I could only spend time with him when supervised by one of my parents. He intimidated me with his vast knowledge and occasionally intricate rhetoric. However, he intrigued me with his ability to take me places I could’ve never imagined. I spent the better part of kindergarten and first grade trying to figure him out. Eventually, we reached a point in our friendship where we could interact without help from an adult.

It was then when I discovered that he had serious mental illness- Multiple personality disorder. At first glance, he seemed to have two personalities. When he would become serious and informative and adults would call him Non-fiction, when he was fun and imaginative adults would call him Fiction. Like most people with an imagination, I preferred Fiction over Non-fiction. After closer inspection, I discovered that he was more complex than I thought. His personalities have sub-personalities called genres. Of these genres, Fantasy, mystery, and science fiction are among my favorites.

As the years progressed, the better I got to know Reading, the more I liked him. At one point we would spend many hours together. Sometimes, we’d meet at times we shouldn’t have met: awkward hours in the night or at the dinner table (don’t act like you haven’t done these).

However, when I reached middle school, our whole relationship changed. To start, I was introduced to three new friends: Sports, Video Games and Netflix. These new friends competed for my attention, often leaving Reading feeling left out. Secondly, teachers began to intensify the cruel practice of making us study Reading’s personalities, also known as Literature. As a result, I often had to see a side of Reading that I was unaccustomed to. Sometimes, this endeavor was refreshing, other times it was traumatizing- or worse- sleep inducing. Worst of all, I became better acquainted with the bully called Homework. I would spend hours trying to appease his demands. Amongst all this, I still found some time for Reading outside of studying him.

It wasn’t until high school that my friendship with Reading completely derailed. My good friend Sports became more demanding, talking up more of my time. Video Games became more captivating, Homework tightened his grip on my life, and Netflix… well Netflix was Netflix. Since then, an increasing amount of my interactions with Reading were under the guise of Literature.

What made our relationship special was that no two interactions were the same, even if we were doing the same activity. During our escapades, I would seldom stop to take notes unless prompted by that bully Homework. As a result of doing so, I must admit, our encounters were less meaningful than they could’ve been. In my defense, I’m a victim of the highly infectious disease called Laziness.

Reading was and still is a great friend. Though I have less time for him, our connections are always special. He makes feel a plethora of emotions, think a vast array of thoughts, experience assortment experiences, and dream an overabundance of dreams. Best of all, he helps me improve my struggling relationship with his sister, the grand empress, Writing.

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”
― Groucho Marx

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3 Responses to Old Friend

  1. Moraa O says:

    Hey Enoch! This was an excellent post. I loved the idea of personifying reading, it made the post really interesting and displayed your relationship with reading very clearly. Your post also felt very natural; you didn’t force any phrases or try too hard to make it funny and as a result it flowed. I think your post was highly effective because you created a friendly atmosphere, so, I couldn’t stop reading. I think one small area of improvement would be to clarify some pronouns. It sometimes got confusing as to who you were referring to, so, I think it would be helpful to read over some sentences and clarify them. All in all, I found your post extremely interesting and fun to read!

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  2. aashka98 says:

    I really like how you referred to books as being a person it made your blog post a lot more interesting and was really enjoyable. As well as making homework seem like the enemy the way you describe it taking over your life as you entered high school it adds a different perspective to the way we usually look at it. You made the tone of your writing really approachable and as a reader i felt really welcomed and you talk us through your relationship with books really well , we get to know you as a writer. I think that you could have added more on how you take on books now and how you tackle them when reading them. How do you feel about reading now in high school , you could have gone a bit into that. Otherwise i really loved it well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ennsez says:

    Ha ha ha! (Your post made me laugh) That was an excellent piece. I thought that your use of a comparison was really effective in communicating your ideas specifically.
    One thing that could strengthen your writing is keeping those comparisons and metaphors that you used as simple as possible, so readers have less work to decipher what the metaphors mean to your points.
    Great post, Enoch!

    Liked by 1 person

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